Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The purpose of this blog

As a Maryland litigator, much of my life is run by the Maryland Rules.  While the Maryland Rules are annotated and there are a few editions of commentary, there appears to be no blog or other website devoted to the Rules and to cases from the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals applying the Rules.  I am, above all things, a total geek.  I love the Rules.  As an attorney my duty is to serve the client, and the Rules are the best tools for doing so.  Despite the genre of television courtroom drama, most of civil litigation is motions practice, discovery, and other seemingly mundane things that, in Maryland, are run by the Rules.  

The purpose of this blog is a personal intellectual exercise.  My goal is to do one Rule or sub-Rule a day until  the Rules have been exhausted.  I expect that I will miss that goal regularly.  After wading through the Rules, I intend to post updates and comments on Rules related decisions.  

Of course, I'm a lawyer, so I am going to write a lot of meaningless language that boils down to the following - this is a personal blog, some navel gazing, so do not depend on it or me for anything.  Or, in other words, this website is the personal weblog of Nina Basu, Esq.  The material contained on this website and any opinions expressed solely belong to Ms. Basu and not to any current, former, or future employer or Ms. Basu.  No opinions may be attributed to any employer, affiliate, or partner of Ms. Basu.  The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only.  This website is not peer reviewed and may contain inaccuracies.  Ms. Basu makes no claim regarding the accuracy of any information contained herein.  This website is presented with the understanding that no legal advice is being offered or given.  No attorney/client relationship shall be formed by viewing this website, posting a comment on this website, or contacting Ms. Basu through this website or by any other means related to this website.  Should a reader need legal advice or an answer to a specific legal question, it is recommended that the reader seek such advice from an attorney admitted to practice in the appropriate jurisdiction.  All commentary posted by Ms. Basu on this website is copyrighted to Ms. Basu.

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